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Dear all the teachers, boys and girls,

Good afternoon! I am very proud to have the chance to speak here in front of you all. I also feel excited because I can give you the speech face to face instead of on the computer. It is really awkward and weird to give a speech without seeing your faces.


The year of 2020 is really a challenging year. Our life is full of uncertainty, worry, risk and surprise. We finished our eight-month extra-long holiday and you are already in Grade 9. In the coming new term, there will be more risks and challenges waiting for you. I hope all of you are well-prepared for them. Here I will give you some advice.    


The first advice is setting up a goal. Maybe you want to say you have set goals for a lot of times but forget more times. I know it’s easy to lose track of long term goals. So I recommend you to set up short-term goals. You can set up a goal for one month or one week. Every day do something that moves you toward that goal that keeps it alive and in focus. You can even set a goal for one day. Everyday you have 24 hours. This 24 hours belongs to you and whatever you do in this period will determine where you will be tomorrow and the next days. This is what you need to focus on.


The second advice is keeping trying! It’s by trying things that you will figure out how far you can go! It’s reported that Edison tried 3000 ways before he invented light bulb. To him, he didn’t fail 3000 times, but he said there were 3,000 different steps to inventing a light bulb. Well, there’s different steps to get to where you’re going. Treat winning and losing exactly the same. Never give up before you have tried 3000 times. Just like the vocabulary, keep trying different ways, you will memorize all of them finally!


School life is a challenge. It is full of continuous competition and heavy pressure and lots of tests. Even school life almost drives you crazy, you have to focus on doing your best. Our school is like a family. We stick together like a team. I hope you will treasure the happy days in the school and tolerate the tough days and never take one day for granted. We all the teachers have knowledge and commitment and we also have patience and love. We are passionate about education and we are always ready to offer you help. So don’t hesitate to come to us when you are in trouble.

All in all, be the best of whatever you are.